Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Bookworm in Me

I remember picking up my very first Sweet Valley book at a local wet market's booksale when I was in Grade 4. Since then I have become hooked on reading the point that I forgot my chores. My mom, happy that I was reading like voraciously, patiently reminded me that my books would not go anywhere. 

By the time I reached Grade Six, I was secretly reading my mom's Sidney Sheldon books. Somehow, Sweet Valley didn't appeal to me anymore. Sidney's books had more substance and they had, uhmm how should I sat this, hotter scenes that no mother would want her 11 year old daughter to read. Fortunately, my mom was more amused than mad when she found out I was reading Sidney.
By my first two years in high school, my mom and I were pretty much reading the same books. Judith McNaught and Jude Devereaux became constant my constant companions, apart from Sidney Sheldon. My mom prevented me from reading Tagalog romance pocketbooks that were so popular during that time. To her dismay, however, I got hold of such books from my classmates. I could finish two such pocketbooks while in class. At one point my History teacher caught me. Fortunately, she was also holding a copy of a Tagalog pocketbook so I got off the hook. The only thing she asked me to do is to loan her the book after I have finished reading it.

Oh well, more reading anecdotes later on! 



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