Friday, June 11, 2010

I want a Sony Pocket e-Reader!

I've always been a fan of printed books. When I learned about Project Gutenberg before, I was ecstatic because it  gave me access to really old books. But what bugged me was that I had to use the desktop or the laptop to read a book. That's really inconvenient for someone like me who likes reading books in the bathroom and in public transportation ( I know it's bad for the eyes but I can't help it!).

So thank God e-readers are invented. However, they're still to pricey for me. But I am hoping to win one courtesy of Monica S. of Bibliophilic Book Blog. She is giving away e-readers for followers of her blog. Hopefully, I get the Sony Pocket Reader! This will entertain me as I wait for my daughter Gabby to finish her classes.

If you want to join, just visit her blog by clicking on the button below.


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