Thursday, September 2, 2010

Shelved: Emma by Jane Austen

Emma Woodhouse revels in being  the finest lady in Hartfield.  After her governesds/tutor marries, she takes into her wings a girl with an unknown background and turns her into a lady like herself and strives to find a suitable match for her. Unfortunately, our heroine is poor at matchmaking. In the end, the girl marries the guy Emma initially didn’t approve of and gets married herself.

Jane Austen is one of my favorite authors. I never tire of reading her novels. But among her works, Pride and Prejudice tops my list. Next would be Emma.

What I really like about this early 19th century novel is the fact that all the characters were properly developed. Emma Woodhouse, a spoiled, rich girl, is made endearing by her protective love of her father and her constant efforts to be agreeable and pleasant to be everyone about her.  Mr. Woodhouse, her dad, is slightly annoying with all his eccentricities. I found Mr. Knightley to be a very good friend to Emma for he alone saw her flaws and caller her attention to it. And I must not forget the babbling Miss Bates, who can outtalk anyone with her “small” talk.

Where I bought it?
Booksale for Php 45


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